Graduate Aisha Wajahat and Irish podiatrist Emily Haworth are joined by guests from around the world to discuss all things podiatry.

All the Tomorrow’s Podiatry Live are about helping student podiatrists shaping the discussion so please join in and ask questions.

The Team

Aisha Wajahat

Instagram: @aishawajahat23

Aisha is an experienced, UK qualified, specialist Podiatrist who has worked internationally from the UK and Ireland to the Middle East and South Asia.

Originally from Pakistan, she was the first qualified Podiatrist to work in the country.

Aisha has worked in NHS as a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist and has recently completed her MSc in Theory of Podiatric Surgery.

Aisha is currently establishing the first school of Podiatric Medicine in South Asia.

Emily Haworth


Emily is the senior high risk podiatrist in Dr Hannons Diabetic limb salvage team. She was clinical specialist in the Diabetic foot in Cork and has a masters in the high risk lower limb. She has a diploma in addiction studies and substance abuse and set up “street feet” where she volunteers to help care for the feet of rough sleepers .

She also holds the post of national education officer for podiatry Ireland where she organises post graduate CPD and conferences in Ireland .