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New graduates Sarah-Jane Walls and Charlotte Holley along with the founder of Sole Body Soul in Dundee Dr Bharti Rajput for discussion and questions on all things Private Practice.

All the Tomorrow’s Podiatry Live are about helping student podiatrists shaping the discussion so please join in and ask questions.

The Team

Charlotte Holley

Twitter: @HealthpodW
Facebook: /HealthPodWales
Instagram: @healthpod_wales and @Foot_and_ankle_mobility

Dr Charlotte Holley With a BSc (hons) in Virology and a PhD in wound microbiology I came to podiatry later in life. With a first from Cardiff Met in 2020 joining the profession is an honour and super exciting. Podiatry is vast and I want to experience as much as possible in my early career and thus I work for the NHS and set up my own multidisciplinary clinic upon graduation.

I believe a strong network with mentoring/being mentored strengthens and develops everyone thus Tomorrow Podiatry is close to my heart. Private practice lives are to enable access, ideas and those burning questions to be asked to experience practitioners in various realms.

Sarah-Jane Walls

Twitter: @sj_walls
Instagram: @sjwalls
Instagram work: @typpanytime
Facebook: /sarahjane.walls
LinkedIn: sjwalls
Studio Site:

Sarah Jane Walls BSc (Hons) Podiatry, Sports Therapist, comprehensive trained Pilates teacher, trainer and mentor. I own TYPP Glasgow – Scotland’s largest fully equipped Pilates Studio for the last 20 years. Within the studio is my clinic primarily focused on biomechanics and Posture (Podiatry, Posture & Pilates).

I’m studying for my Masters in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. I’ve got a keen interest in health policy, specifically better understanding health inequalities; and how we can influence/create better policy to positively impact inequalities in health.

I take part in the live sessions as I understand we all need support and guidance. I get to meet amazing people I can learn from, and I can help others on their journey. Podiatry isn’t well understood in the public eye. I am passionate about Podiatry, and I want to raise the profile and standards of Podiatry. That starts with inspiring and mentoring those coming into this new exciting career.

Bharti Rajput

Details to follow.