Join MSc student Bryony Kate Jefferies and Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Ian Reilly for discussion and questions on all things surgical.

All the Tomorrow’s Podiatry Live are about helping student podiatrists shaping the discussion so please join in and ask questions.

The Team

Bryony Kate Jefferies

Email: Twitter: @BKJPod

I studied my BSc (Hons) Podiatry at Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated in 2020. Today, I work as an associate podiatrist in two private practices and I am in my first year of studying the Theory of Podiatric Surgery MSc at the University of Huddersfield.

As an undergraduate, podiatric surgery sometimes seemed inaccessible. The Tomorrow’s Podiatry podcast allows us to open up opportunities to learn, explore and discuss a range of topics relating to surgery, provides a space to share knowledge and experience, and foster interest in the podiatric surgeons of the future.

Ian Reilly

Email: Podsurgeon@hotmail .com
Twitter: @podsurery
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YouTube: PodSurgeon

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
Northamptonshire Foundation NHS Trust and Private Practice

Mr Reilly has been qualified as a Podiatric Surgeon since 1996 and has performed over 11,000 surgical procedures. He has a particular interest in soft tissue surgery and has lectured internationally on plastic surgical procedures of the foot, bunion surgery and steroid injection therapy.

Podiatric Surgery is well established in Northamptonshire and Mr Reilly leads the service for the local NHS Trust. Prior to this he was a Senior Lecturer at Northampton School of Podiatry. He is co-author of Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques: A Practical Guide, and has written chapters in Merrimen’s Assessment of the Lower Limb and Brown’s Skin and Minor Surgery. He is an invited speaker and international adviser for the US based International Foot and Ankle Foundation and Associate Lecturer at QMU, Edinburgh.

I joined the Tomorrow’s Podiatry line up as I feel that everybody has an obligation in whatever way to help those people coming behind us and to acknowledge the people who have got us to the position we are in. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants and it’s my responsibility to help others up. It’s great to work with students who keep pushing and asking the difficult questions. Plus they wouldn’t accept my proposal for a comedy hour…