The Future of Podiatry

Live/The Future of Podiatry

4th year student Nancy Kelleher is joined by private practitioner Nick Knight, Professor Chris Nester and educator Emma Cowley to look at the future direction of Podiatry.

All the Tomorrow’s Podiatry Live are about helping student podiatrists shaping the discussion so please join in and ask questions.

The Team

Nancy Kelleher

Twitter: @NancyKelleher10

I am a level 4 podiatry student attending Glasgow Caledonian University. During the Summer of 2020 I received a Carnegie vacation scholarship to undertake an 8-week research project. During this experience I recognised the importance of support and professional collaboration between podiatrists and quickly became involved in the work of Tomorrow’s Podiatry.

Tomorrow’s Podiatry Tuesday Night Live sessions allows podiatrists, from all backgrounds and specialities, to virtually learn with and from one another in a casual, evidence-based environment. Becoming involved in the live sessions allowed me to meet podiatrists from around the world and learn more about the future of the profession which has made me feel supported and excited for my future career.

Nick Knight

Twitter: @NKSportsPod
Facebook: /NK active

I graduated from Northampton in 2009 and finished my masters in clinical lower limb biomechanics in 2019 and published my first paper in 2020.

I have been fortunate enough to work at the 2012 Paralympic Games and was part of the Salomon think tank.

I work in private practice running NK Active with a passion getting people back to activity and have a large focus on rehabilitation helping to educate patients manage their own problems also linking research into private practice.

I take part in the live events as I want to inspire and educate the future generation of podiatrists.

Emma Cowley

Details to follow.

Chris Nester

Details to follow.