The Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards

The Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards are the first podiatry focused awards that recognise the outstanding contributions of those who enrich the student experience and the students who shine.

What are the categories?

The Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards are split into 5 categories recognising excellence and contribution across the student experience. More information on the criteria the judges will be using for each panel can be found here.

The categories are:

  • Student of the year – in association with Forgotten Feet
  • The Student leadership award – supported by Cononbury Healthcare
  • Society of the year – supported by AA Podiatry
  • Educator of the year
  • Inspirational Podiatrist of the year – supported by Flexitol

Who can nominate for a Tomorrows’s Podiatry Award?

ANY student studying Podiatry, ANYONE who works with students and even YOURSELF (though you won’t get a card for that one). We want to make sure that those who deserve it get recognised and have the chance to be shortlisted for one of the awards.

When can I nominate someone for a Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards?

Nominations have now closed for the 2020 awards, the shortlists will be published soon with the winners announced at 7pm on Thursday 2nd July.

How do I nominate someone for a Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Award?

It’s easy to nominate someone or a group for an award – just visit the page and fill in a short form!

We just need to know which category you’re nominating and a few words as to why you’ve nominated them. Even if they’re not shortlisted for an award we’ll let them know someone nominated them and share the nice things you told us about them (you can opt out if that makes you uncomfortable but people and groups love to know just how much you appreciate them).

When will happen to my nomination?

Once the nominations close all nominees will receive a Flexitol Tomorrows’ Podiatry Awards notification with the exact words you have written in their nomination and those shortlisted will receive the super rare nominated “Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Nominee” badge. More than just kind words and a super rare badge, this award is a great way of making those who made a difference whilst studying feel appreciated!

For the top five nominations in each category, a shortlist will be published soon after nominations close, due to current conditions winners will be announced virtually on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm.