Tomorrow’s Podiatry – Live

Bringing students, experts and viewers together
to explore everything from specialities to research.

At Tomorrow’s Podiatry we believe in bringing together the best in the profession with students and asking them to work together to answer your questions, explore the podiatric world and bring you the latest research. That means all our shows are a collaboration from start to finish, led by students for students.

Tomorrow’s Podiatry

Our weekly Facebook live, in which 5 strands bring you guests, chat, discussion and most importantly your questions answered.

Podiatry in 3 Minutes

Do you ever read a paper and wonder what you’ve just read, is it important and should it change your practice? We invite the researchers to explain their papers in 3 minutes. 

Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards

Check out our live Awards, both our 2019 and 2020 awards, see the outstanding contributions of those who enrich the student experience and the students who shine.