Feet in 3 Minutes Competition

Feet in 3 minutes competition, win up to £1000.

For Podiatry in 3 Minutes we challenge researchers to explain their paper in 3 minutes, now we are challenging Podiatry Students and Podiatrists to do the same for feet.

Can you explain an aspect of podiatry, a part of the anatomy, a pathology or an intervention in just 3 minutes? Tell it any way you like, as long as it’s original, and send us your video for a chance to win up to £1000.

Each video will be checked to make sure you’ve got it right and then posted to tell the world about how fantastic feet are and the difference podiatry makes in keeping people active.

Intrigued but need a little inspiration, don’t worry we have some fantastic podiatrists from around the globe putting some together and will be premiering them in late March.