Tomorrow’s Podiatry Facebook Live

Each week and students and new graduates are joined by leaders in their field for guests, chat, discussion and most importantly your questions answered. Tomorrow’s Podiatry Facebook Lives are about helping student podiatrists shaping the discussion so please join in and ask questions.

Each week we focus on a different aspect of podiatry including: The Future of Podiatry, International, Private Practice, Research and Surgery. Each strand welcomes experts from their area along with students and new graduates to explore podiatry together. Each year we will welcome a new set of students and new graduates to the teams, keep an eye out to find out how you can get involved.

Go to each Tuesday at 8pm.

The Future of Podiatry

4th year student Nancy Kelleher is joined by private practitioner Nick Knight, Professor Chris Nester and educator Emma Cowley to look at the future direction of Podiatry.


Graduate Aisha Wajahat and Irish podiatrist Emily Haworth are joined by guests from around the world to discuss all things podiatry.

Private Practice

New graduates Sarah-Jane Walls and Charlotte Holley along with the founder of Sole Body Soul in Dundee Dr Bharti Rajput for discussion and questions on all things Private Practice.


Join 2019 Student of the Year and PhD candidate Lauren Connell and Dr Jill Halstead for discussion and questions on all things research.


Join MSc student Bryony Kate Jefferies and Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Ian Reilly for discussion and questions on all things surgical.